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Continuum Clinical Announces Formation of Rare Disease Solutions Focus Area

Since 2011, the annual pace of new orphan drug approval has more than doubled, with 60% of Breakthrough Therapies being indicated for rare diseases. This is why Continuum Clinical is excited to offer our sponsor partners a new level of concentration on rare diseases with the formation of our new Rare Disease Solutions focus area. The announcement of this specialty marks an important milestone for us, as we recognize the importance of providing sponsors with unique solutions for rare disease stakeholder engagement. 

The Rare Disease Solutions focus area will prioritize strong partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies developing new therapies for rare diseases and orphan drug compounds. Recruiting patients for such clinical trials is a specialty in and of itself, for which Continuum Clinical is ideally positioned with its 25-year history in patient recruitment and broad range of integrated, flexible services. This expertise is supported by Continuum’s ability to grow current and new relationships with patient advocacy groups, execute hypertargeted media campaigns, and produce informative patient education materials.

About Continuum Clinical

Continuum Clinical is a global patient recruitment and retention company. With over twenty-five years of experience, Continuum Clinical unites world-class innovators with expertise across disciplines including patient insights, advocacy, site engagement, outreach, and performance metrics. The company understands patient, healthcare professional, and site motivations, and uses these insights to execute proven recruitment and retention strategies. Continuum Clinical prioritizes creative thinking and data-driven strategies to deliver results for life science organizations, accelerating study enrollment with unmatched precision. Headquartered in the US, Continuum Clinical has over 100 employees in the US and Europe and an expanded network of resources worldwide.