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ContinuVue Platform

Every trial, every indication and every location is unique but they all agree on the edge provided by real-time insights.

Continuum Clinical’s cloud-based ContinuVue reporting platform improves efficiency in patient recruitment and increases effectiveness in clinical research. Whether you are recruiting 2 million patients or 2,000, your custom dashboard will provide clarity for what’s working and what to adjust.

Developed with insights gained over the previous decades and input from experienced clinical site managers

Displays compelling, intuitive visualizations that represent key performance metrics that guide strategies to increase

Provides insights that will help teams accelerate enrollment to help meet study completion timelines

For the Study Account Team

Teams gain the clarity they crave whether recruiting 2 million patients or 2,000. Teams can access real-time data and learnings to get a holistic picture of the path and to understand how the recruitment or retention campaign tactics help a clinical trial meet its recruitment objectives.

For the Study Sponsor

Study sponsors monitor their enrollment data through a user-friendly tracking system with real-time analysis built on a flexible reporting platform that unites recruitment and study site performance metrics throughout the study lifecycle.

For the Study Team Lead

Team Leads pinpoint and address recruitment planning and execution through a tool that gives teams an inside look at everything from clinical referrals and end-to-end patient tracking to in-market marketing campaign performance, limiting surprises and increasing efficiency.

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